Friday, August 7, 2009

Towards a New Horizon..

In front of her lie possibilities innumerable,
In her heart lies a wish so strong
It provides her with power unimaginable
Makes her believe nothing can go wrong.

A belief in God that He will protect
Her against anything evil
Though it’s difficult to detect
Behind which face hides a devil.

A ray of light in her dark hollow
Hopes sore high in her empty heart
She not knows the disappointment which may follow
Once again her being is about to fall apart.

Never known love all her years
Being an orphan was not a blessing but a curse.
Always eager for a song of love that would reach her ears,
Sometimes indeed she wanted her life to be reverse.

What would her life been if she had a family?
A father, a mother with lots of siblings,
Together they would drive out any anomaly
And have a happy life which was beyond her craving.

Not all wishes are fulfilled in this short being
Meeting the man of her dreams was her last hope.
He would love her, be devoid of any short coming
And together to their own world they would elope.

Her dreams take her there everyday,
Makes her believe in her imagination.
She sets sail to discover with whom her future lay,
The scintillating life, sparkling beyond the far horizon.


Mishree said...

u really let ur imagination run wild :) good job !!

Shas said...

Beautiful lines.
Keep writing, will keep coming. =)

chandreyee said...

thanks for such encouraging words..:)