Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down Memory Lane….

My heart is where my home is,
Going back there is my heart’s true wish.
Miss those childhood days playing,
Often had fights with my brother which seemed annoying.
The stupid chit chats are long forgotten,
But they come back to me again and again.
Can never forget the lovely time,
Used to spend hours memorizing my rhyme.
All my brother could do was to imitate,
Make fun of me and irritate.
Miss the spy games we used to play,
I always lost early and watched in dismay.
Gone are those days we used to fight for petty things,
Now my heart yearns for his one glimpse.
The days my father took me to school used to be good fun,
He never said “No” and was always ready to run.
There used to be a dog in our ancestral house,
He used to run around after every mouse..
The house used to be always full of people
May it be someone’s marriage or another festival..
My father used to tell me the tales of his childhood,
They were quite different from mine but I could see the likelihood.
I grew up in the same house as he did,
I am fortunate that I have been there where he once hid.
The doctor was often told I was not well,
But he could not understand the problem as I was healthy as hell.
The birthday cakes my father brought used to be so good,
Wish could go back and have a piece of my childhood.
Those were the best days of my life
Miss the home in which I thrived.
It will be there in my heart forever,
It’s memories come back to me as if they never left me ever…


Mou said...

i had been waiting for your post for long. In fact i was thinking of giving u a reminder. :)

well written. :) Simple and serene just as childhood used to be. Your poem took me back to my childhood ! I too have a brother ! :)

Mou said...

oh.. and by the way.. to improve ur poetry skills.. try going thru this site...

Create an account and join ! its a beautiful site ! :)

chandreyee said...

thanks for ur feedback...i wait for urs.. i will definitely go through the website u mentioned..thamks...:)

Mou said...

My feedback would always be there. coz reading you ... the pleasures all mine.. the whole of it ! :)

And if you create an account on allpoetry... just leave me the link.

chandreyee said...

and getting a great feedback from u is what i wait for..:)