Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Actually….

As I walk by the shore to-day,
I try hard to leave my footprints behind.
As I walk the rumbling waves come by,
They make me realize it is possible only in my mind.

Sometimes I think who will remember me when I will not be here,
Will I be able to leave a mark indelible?
But then I fear it is my worst nightmare.
May be its too early in my life to face the inevitable.

Have lived my life like there is no to-morrow,
But really want to know what my future holds.
Chances of living till eternity are narrow
So want to have all that my destiny beholds.

Childhood days are a thing of the past,
Am now a wife and hope will be a mother someday
My footprints still linger in my mother’s heart
Think I will be a child to her till I am all grey…

Have found love in so many forms,
Sometimes have not been able to reciprocate,
Don’t know whether I was right or wrong; wish could make some reforms,
Tell them their love makes me feel fortunate.

Friends always have a long story to tell,
Some of them are as long as my lifetime.
Wonder what I would have been if I had no stories to repel,
Repel the soundest minds with our stories of mischief and crime..

Never knew he will be the one I will love,
Have received more love than was due.
Think have left a mark in his heart’s cove,
The way he has left one in mine, even before I knew.

Do not wish to share whom I hold dear,
They are the stars in my midnight sky.
Hope have left a mark, there
And with a dream of a new to-morrow, to-day here I lie…

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Words For A Dear Friend.....

As you tie the marital knot,
I think I am missing you a lot.
Though I am thousands of miles away from there
I can imagine how beautiful you look in your bridal attire.
You were there when I tied my knot marital,
Wish I could witness your nuptial.
As I close my eyes I can see the ceremony
You two look happy and ready to face the symphony.
Marriages are made in heaven,
Love and harmony are important even.
Wish you a lifetime of happiness
With lots of love to harness.
May all your dreams turn into reality,
And they hold true till eternity.
As you stand on the verge of a new life
Hope you will prosper and thrive.
It will be hard to leave everyone that you hold dear,
Their blessings will drive out your every fear.
As you step into your new family
Try not to figure out the anomaly.
As you embark on your new journey
Have faith in God and believe in your destiny.
Love does not come to us every now and then
Now that you have been blessed always remember how fortunate you have been.
Never thought will miss your wedding ever
All I wish is that you two live happily ever after.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Towards a New Horizon..

In front of her lie possibilities innumerable,
In her heart lies a wish so strong
It provides her with power unimaginable
Makes her believe nothing can go wrong.

A belief in God that He will protect
Her against anything evil
Though it’s difficult to detect
Behind which face hides a devil.

A ray of light in her dark hollow
Hopes sore high in her empty heart
She not knows the disappointment which may follow
Once again her being is about to fall apart.

Never known love all her years
Being an orphan was not a blessing but a curse.
Always eager for a song of love that would reach her ears,
Sometimes indeed she wanted her life to be reverse.

What would her life been if she had a family?
A father, a mother with lots of siblings,
Together they would drive out any anomaly
And have a happy life which was beyond her craving.

Not all wishes are fulfilled in this short being
Meeting the man of her dreams was her last hope.
He would love her, be devoid of any short coming
And together to their own world they would elope.

Her dreams take her there everyday,
Makes her believe in her imagination.
She sets sail to discover with whom her future lay,
The scintillating life, sparkling beyond the far horizon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down Memory Lane….

My heart is where my home is,
Going back there is my heart’s true wish.
Miss those childhood days playing,
Often had fights with my brother which seemed annoying.
The stupid chit chats are long forgotten,
But they come back to me again and again.
Can never forget the lovely time,
Used to spend hours memorizing my rhyme.
All my brother could do was to imitate,
Make fun of me and irritate.
Miss the spy games we used to play,
I always lost early and watched in dismay.
Gone are those days we used to fight for petty things,
Now my heart yearns for his one glimpse.
The days my father took me to school used to be good fun,
He never said “No” and was always ready to run.
There used to be a dog in our ancestral house,
He used to run around after every mouse..
The house used to be always full of people
May it be someone’s marriage or another festival..
My father used to tell me the tales of his childhood,
They were quite different from mine but I could see the likelihood.
I grew up in the same house as he did,
I am fortunate that I have been there where he once hid.
The doctor was often told I was not well,
But he could not understand the problem as I was healthy as hell.
The birthday cakes my father brought used to be so good,
Wish could go back and have a piece of my childhood.
Those were the best days of my life
Miss the home in which I thrived.
It will be there in my heart forever,
It’s memories come back to me as if they never left me ever…