Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Actually….

As I walk by the shore to-day,
I try hard to leave my footprints behind.
As I walk the rumbling waves come by,
They make me realize it is possible only in my mind.

Sometimes I think who will remember me when I will not be here,
Will I be able to leave a mark indelible?
But then I fear it is my worst nightmare.
May be its too early in my life to face the inevitable.

Have lived my life like there is no to-morrow,
But really want to know what my future holds.
Chances of living till eternity are narrow
So want to have all that my destiny beholds.

Childhood days are a thing of the past,
Am now a wife and hope will be a mother someday
My footprints still linger in my mother’s heart
Think I will be a child to her till I am all grey…

Have found love in so many forms,
Sometimes have not been able to reciprocate,
Don’t know whether I was right or wrong; wish could make some reforms,
Tell them their love makes me feel fortunate.

Friends always have a long story to tell,
Some of them are as long as my lifetime.
Wonder what I would have been if I had no stories to repel,
Repel the soundest minds with our stories of mischief and crime..

Never knew he will be the one I will love,
Have received more love than was due.
Think have left a mark in his heart’s cove,
The way he has left one in mine, even before I knew.

Do not wish to share whom I hold dear,
They are the stars in my midnight sky.
Hope have left a mark, there
And with a dream of a new to-morrow, to-day here I lie…


Mou said...

Your poem reminded me of an eulogy i had written long back for myself. Tht was the irony though... coz one cannot write eulogies for self.

This poem is lovely. It tickles down into the inside, slowly, filling up the void. :)

You have depth in you. Am happy that I know you :)

Shashank Shekhar said...

I wanna say "Kudos" to you!

What life holds in future is a a mould!

We twist it, we turn it, we make it gold!

In these true lies we'll never rue!

The reverie of life will someday be true!!!

Let's wait for what life has in store for us :)

Shilpa Garg said...

Wow!! That's an amazing expression!

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Makk said...


Keep it up

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