Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Words For A Dear Friend.....

As you tie the marital knot,
I think I am missing you a lot.
Though I am thousands of miles away from there
I can imagine how beautiful you look in your bridal attire.
You were there when I tied my knot marital,
Wish I could witness your nuptial.
As I close my eyes I can see the ceremony
You two look happy and ready to face the symphony.
Marriages are made in heaven,
Love and harmony are important even.
Wish you a lifetime of happiness
With lots of love to harness.
May all your dreams turn into reality,
And they hold true till eternity.
As you stand on the verge of a new life
Hope you will prosper and thrive.
It will be hard to leave everyone that you hold dear,
Their blessings will drive out your every fear.
As you step into your new family
Try not to figure out the anomaly.
As you embark on your new journey
Have faith in God and believe in your destiny.
Love does not come to us every now and then
Now that you have been blessed always remember how fortunate you have been.
Never thought will miss your wedding ever
All I wish is that you two live happily ever after.


chandreyee said...
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Radhika said...

Each and every line which u've have written is simply beautiful...!!! It really shows ur love for ur frnd n how much u r missing her...on the very spcl day of her life..!!
n ya,the background of ur blog is AMAZING..!!

chandreyee said...

thanks dear..i actually wrote this poem for ballari...:)

Radhika said...

I had actually guessed it that itz for Ballari di...
khub hi bhalo laaglo eita amaar... tumi toh ekdum mast poet hoye gaicho..keep it up!! :)

Mishree said...

beautiful,runa.i can imagine how difficult it is for u to be SO far away on her biggest day,but then you're actually there in spirit,in her every memory,and every moment of her realisation of your friendship.

warmest wishes for ur friendship,and for her new life...


misha :)

Mou said...

good one chandreyee !
u missed her wedding ! the poem says it all !

Mou said...

and yea.. thnx for blog rolling me ! :)

Shilpa Garg said...

WoW! That's such a wonderful expression!! )
Damn good!!
Let your fingers fly on the keyboard and happy blogging!! :)

chandreyee said...

thanks shilpa..i am glad you liked my poem...:)

Shankar said...

hi..its a very nice poem....

may be as you said,I am honest blogger..but not good at writing such good poems as you do..really nice one....

keep visiting my blog...thanks a lot for your comments..

Rambo said...

Hey, I dont know whether you listen to Coldplay songs .. but this reminds me of "swallowed in the sea" song which is one of their best composition ..

Nice blog!


Susan Deborah said...

A nice way of letting your friend know that you wish the best for her. Apart from her surname, this poem would be the best addition to her life after marriage.

chandreyee said...

i am glad you liked my poems..but i am still working on my writing skills..thanks for your support.
thanks much..i have never listened to any coldplay songs..but i will definitely check that out...:)
thanks..this poem is very close to my heart..i am happy you liked it..:)

Neetu said...

verry beutiful.
ballari is verry lucky she got a friend like u. same goes with me too. this is a precious gift for her. this is second side of chandreyee whom i know.

Neetu said...

verry beutiful.
ballari is verry lucky she got a friend like u. same goes with me too. this is a precious gift for her. this is second side of chandreyee whom i know.

Shas said...

Its almost an ode to friendship. She is lucky to have you as her friend.