Thursday, October 15, 2009

New n Improved….

Times have changed and so have we,
Old times seem light years away.
Gone are the days when the postman came knocking at the door,
Now an email comes even if we don't want them anymore..
The long love letters have a place in museums,
Now the sweethearts are happy with their e-cards.
Gone are the times when friends used to be close by,
Now are the days when an SMS comes saying “Hi”.
There used to be innumerable fights and make ups,
Now they are part of memories and its time to wake up.
There used to be a generation which fought for freedom,
Now we have a bunch of ignorant youth who think their forefathers were dumb.
The scent of books have fascinated generations,
Play stations and IPods are the latest fascination.
Old melodies have been long lost,
The new generation dances to the beats of remixes.
The chats and golgappas are a thing of the day’s bygone,
All we need today is pizza, pasta and a toblerone.
The long walks, the incessant chats are a thing of the past,
Now are the times of those who can run fast.
The stupid people who waited for hours in the line..
Have now vanished and now do things online.
Change has come to us so suddenly,
Lets not fall in love with the perks so madly.
Never knew the change would be so drastic,
Need to slow down a bit and analyze the change which seems not so fantastic…..


Shankar said...

Nicely written... very true...

But are you saying that these changes are wrong because they are drastic?

chandreyee said...

thanks for ur feedback..
my intention was actually to take time to analyze the changes and its effect before accepting it with open arms. i think these drastic changes have both a good and a bad side to it...:)

Shashank Shekhar said...

well, agreed! but I also feel that the change is what we get because of our needs, So, it's always us who bring in the changes!!!

Susan Deborah said...

Chandreyee: The only constant thing is change. I know that one is cliched but then its true!

Makk said...

Indeed very nicely written...truth...

but it about how do we use these changes...

nothing has gone...if you want to hang on..
every thing has gone..if you wanna move on...

Keep smiling!!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Beautifully written. I could just imagine the khaki-clad postman now replaced by so many faster mediums. But in villages, where the heart and soul of India continues to throb, the postman is still a messenger whose presence is awaited with considerable respect, enthusiasm and even fear, in case it's a telegram.

Makk said...

Have you abandoned blogosphere??

chandreyee said...

Yeah..sort of..actually i had a baby boy this year so i hardly get any time..but i am keeping my hopes high..will return soon...:)