Thursday, June 4, 2009

My School Days...

From a very young age i was very proud that i was a student of South Point High of the most famous schools in Calcutta.i dont remember my first days at south point but certainly few of them are still very much alive in my father used to take me to school and buy me some flowers for my teachers..which later on became a this way i started my school life..or rather i started my life in the school which gave me good education, my best friends.. favourite teachers and most importantly it gave me my love..:D
I always had very few friends but the ones i had were the closest to me ever.Manjari and Parama...what can i say about them...they have a special place in my heart..Manjari was the notorious one like me and Parama was the cool one.Everybody called us "Three Musketeers".We did everything that we were not supposed to do..we ran around the school..played pranks on others.called names to other girls who were always busy concentrating on how they looked..and we were concentrating on how the boys looked..:D
As we grew up we changed as persons but at heart we were and still are the same..time flied by and someone special came into my life....Deepayan.He was more of a friend than anything else.In this case also my great friends gave me great support.
I loved my school so much that i ditched a very good college to continue my studies in my school after i passed 10th standard..Years flew by and gradually i reached the last day of school..It was one of the saddest day of my life..I hardly had a life without South Point..but i had to move on....and i did.
More than 8 years have passed since i last went to school but i can still hear the tiffin bells which we eagerly waited for or bells to commence the end of a boring period..the chitter chatter in class...still can remember the stupid things we used to do in school..the laughs,the cries,the joy,the pain and yet it seems so long ago.............


piu_2324 said...

those days can"t be forgotten by the three of us.our friendship was gift from god .amra ekhon hoito anekta bodley gechi.ektu dureo chole gechi.kintu sei dingulo aamar lifer shob theke sundor din.aj toder theke anekta dure thekeo shobsomoy toder jonya pray kori tora dujon jakhaneithakis bhalo thakis.miss u.may god bless u always