Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Gift of the Magi

Across the world
Among the young and the old
There is a custom untold
Which you will know as the story unfolds..
A custom of giving gifts
Just to show there are no rifts..
Last of the pennies left
To prevent them from thinking of the things bereft.
They are the Magi
They are the ones between you and I...
They give gifts with love and care
Even without a penny to spare
The gift may be negligible
But through it shines their love inexplicable..
Some may sell their priced possessions
Just to bring smiles and contended expressions
To the hearts of their dear ones
Who might forget the gift once
And forget the sacrifice
Which may never be suffice..
But still they continue to bring smiles
Though they know they have come and will have to go on for miles..
They are the ones chosen by God
To shower gifts of love among the healthy, wealthy and odd..
They are the Magi
They are people among you and I…..


malabika said...

amazing....i dont have any words to express how i felt after reading this poem...